Find & Retain Qualified Staff


Teacher being interviewed for a job Recruitment starts early. Recent data suggest that high school students are not entering education professions and colleges and universities are also seeing lower enrollment trends across the years as well. Approaches to recruitment need to recognize the entire pipeline, from interested high school students to preservice teachers in educator preparation programs and personnel in other fields interested in career changes.

The links and resources found below are designed to assist schools in all stages of the pipeline and include information about career fairs, high school career and technical education programs such as Educator’s Rising, and related service provider programs.


Teacher instructing in a small group Recruitment is a critical piece of the puzzle; however, data analysis indicates that attrition of special education teachers creates a leaky bucket phenomenon. Teachers are leaving as quickly as they are coming in. It is the complex interaction of working conditions within schools that is the key to retaining educators and helping them to become effective professionals. The resources and links below are designed to assist school leaders in maximizing professional learning for educators and creating the working conditions that nurture and support highly skilled educators.