Arizona College & Career Competency Team Training

Do your students have difficulty turning in homework; getting to school on time; focusing on academics during class; studying for tests; completing all aspects of projects; or managing their emotions? Self-Regulation instruction can help.

Do your students lack confidence in their abilities; think that they will always do as well or as poorly as they have done in the past; give up easily when they encounter obstacles; or simply feel that they cannot learn the course content or succeed in school, sports, or arts?  Self-Efficacy instruction can help.

Do your students have difficulty expressing themselves in situations like asking for help when they don’t understand, sharing their opinions during group work, or standing up to their peers? Or do they react aggressively in certain situations, responding in demanding or hostile ways instead of expressing their thoughts or needs respectfully? Assertiveness instruction can help.

The Arizona College and Career Competency Team Training (AZ CCCTT) project, is a free, two-year professional development opportunity offered by the Arizona Department of Education/Exceptional Student Services in collaboration with the University of Kansas Research Collaboration.  Interdisciplinary school teams will learn about social and emotional evidence-based instructional practices and will provide students practice and feedback on interpersonal or intrapersonal competencies (i.e., self-regulation, self-efficacy, assertiveness) during typical courses. These same teams will support their colleagues in school-wide implementation of competency instruction. Teams can prioritize which competency is best for their schools and continue adding competencies throughout the two-year professional development process.  Professional development will be delivered close to schools, online through instructor-led courses, and on-site via coaching and data-driven, school-specific interactive training.

Arizona College and Career Competency Program Is Now Accepting Applications!

Although we are all adjusting to new circumstances in response to COVID-19, we also recognize the importance of continuing to support students’ academic and social/emotional needs, in addition to planning for next school year. Pending funding, the Arizona Department of Education is inviting ten middle and/or high schools to participate in the 2020-21 College and Career Competency Project. Current participating educators have noted that supporting their students’ SEL is now more important than ever before.

Please complete the AZ CCCTT Application here and email the completed application to [email protected]

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