Facilitated IEP Information and Resources

Free One or Two-Day Facilitated IEP Training for Districts/Charter Schools

If you would like more of your staff to be trained using either a one or two-day model, please contact the Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR Specialist, Danell Lynn, at 602-542-7579 or email the FIEP Inbox.

Who Should Attend: Any school personnel involved in a student’s IEP including special education and general education teachers, district representatives, and school psychologists. (Maximum 50 participants)

Prior to scheduling a one or two-day training, we will be asking the following questions:

  1. What is your plan to implement a facilitated IEP culture at your district/charter school after this training?
  2. What is your plan to train parents regarding special education and IEPs?
  3. How receptive is your staff to this training and creating a FIEP culture?
  4. Which staff members have been to the two-day training and would be able to assist with the role-plays at the training?
  5. How many people will attend?
  6. Will you be able to print all materials?
IEP Meeting Forms