2018 Effective School Awards

Congratulations to the Winners of the

2017-2018 Arizona Exemplary Title I Program Awards!

Shumway Leadership Academy

Principle 2 – Effective Teachers and Instruction

Dr. Korry Brenner, Principal

The school vision included providing an exceptional education for all students through nurturing individual greatness via purposeful, rigorous instruction and a focus on student leadership development. Our mission is to provide a collaborative environment focused on the development of innovative leaders with strong character while ensuring learning for all.

• Focus on using data to ensure students understand the why, what and how of learning through universal design for learning practices.

• “Proficiency increase of 7% in grades 3-6 mathematics.”

Salida del Sol Elementary

Principal 5 – Conditions, Climate and Culture

Sheila Mendoza, Principal

Inclusive schools are conducive to student learning, fulfillment, and well-being, as well as professional satisfaction, morale, and effectiveness. The school met the challenge of ensuring students physical safety needs were met by examining procedures and revamping their Comprehensive Emergency Plan.

Next, their attention was focused on a call to meet the academic and social needs of all students. The schools mission and vision is to ensure that all students are provided a safe learning environment in which they are prepared to compete globally as 21st Century learners.

As a result, they implemented Kids at Hope. The Kids at Hope’s vision is that every child is afforded the belief, guidance and encouragement that creates a sense of hope and optimism, supported by a course of action needed to experience success.

Constitution Elementary School

Principle 6 – Family and Community Engagement

Cheyana Leiva, Principal

Family and Community Engagement is an essential component of improving outcomes for children and youth. Effective family and community engagement is a reciprocal partnership among families, communities, and schools that reflects a shared responsibility to foster children’s development and learning. The school low student achievement was identified as the Root Cause due to several factors that were lacking or low: collaboration, family involvement and rigor in curriculum. We established four commitments to drive us in this study:
          (1) be student focused,
          (2) be collaborative,
          (3) be data driven for continuous improvement, and
          (4) be engaged in the community”.

These matched their vision of graduating lifelong learners who will successfully compete, and positively impact the world and their mission – TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. Some examples of their accomplishments are:

• Structures to support families and the community: Parent Resource Center, WIC, SW Behavioral Health on site, Literacy and STEAM nights.

• Every student receives a backpack at the beginning of the year with supplies and four books at their Literacy night. Not some students, ALL 710 students.

Thank You!

The Arizona Department of Education, the Educator and School Excellence Unit and the office of Arts Education would like to thank and acknowledge the Desert Edge High School students for their artful creations and the support of our 2017-2018 Title I “Exemplary School” Awards!