Teacher/Principal Evaluation

During the Fifty-Fourth Legislature, First Regular Session, ARS § 15-537, ARS § 15-341, and ARS § 15-189.06 addressed changes to district and charter school principal and teacher evaluations. These changes no longer require LEAs to align their evaluations to the Arizona Framework for Measuring Educator Effectiveness and affect the use of quantitative data on student academic progress, emphasizing more flexibility and local control in decision making. The following link will take you to the ADE Legislative Session Summary page. It breaks down the new laws from this legislative session into a clear, concise format. The changes to Educator Evaluations are on page 6. 2019 Legislative Session Summary

ADE will continue to update this page in order to provide the most current information and resources to assist all Local Education Agencies. Please follow this link to the most current version of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 15 – Education: Arizona Revised Statutes

State Evaluation Models: