Required Reporting

Grantees shall prepare and submit all reports required by the Department in a timely and accurate manner. Report guidance and report templates. (posted Spring 2017)

Arizona 21st CCLC Required Reporting Schedule (PDF)


Date Report Notes
09/01/17 FY18 Revisions- Grants Management System (GMS)
01/26/18 Summary of Classes I Report Summer & Fall 2017
03/16/18 APR Summer 2017 Data
06/01/18 Last Day for FY18 21st CCLC Revisions** ** Revisions to applications were formally called Amendments
06/8/18 FY19 Continuing Application Due* * The Continuing Application was formerly called the Renewal Application
06/22/18 Summary of Classes II Report Summer & Fall 2017 plus Spring 2018
04/16/18 APR Fall 2017 Data
06/22/18 Last Day for FY18 Reimbursement Requests
06/29/18 APR Spring 2018 Data
08/10/18 Student Attendance Report
08/10/18 Site Evaluation Report
08/29/18 Completion Report for FY18