SEI Endorsement

All Public School teachers working with English learners delivering required minutes of the SEI models are required to have an ESL, BIL, or SEI Endorsement.

We are in the process of committee work to revise and update the approved SEI Course Frameworks for State Board of Education approval. ADE’s online SEI Course will be revised to align with the SEI Course Frameworks and will tentatively be open for enrollment by August 2020. More information will be forthcoming.

If you are a current and approved course provider (from 04/2017 SBE Approved Frameworks), please know that once the revised 2020 frameworks are approved, you will have a limited amount time to submit a course revision or new course proposal in alignment to the newly approved frameworks. Your existing approved course will no longer be valid after the transition period following State Board approval of these new frameworks. We will communicate this information as it becomes available.