Public Data Sets

Public Data Sets/Reports

Many program areas within the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) publish public data sets and reports that may be immediately downloaded and utilized. These are aggregated files that do not include student level data. The Accountability & Research Team collects and maintains links to the most accessed ADE data sets on this page.

If the data you are looking for is not available through the below links, please see the Data Request page.

  • Arizona School Report Cards – reports student enrollment, teacher qualification, assessment results, graduation rates, dropout rates, A-F Letter Grades and Civil Rights Data Collection Reporting by school, by LEA, and for the state of Arizona
  • Accountability & Research Data – includes excel files of assessment results, graduation rates, dropout rates, student enrollment, and some historical data at a school, LEA, county, and state-level as applicable
  • School Finance Data – includes Classroom Site Fund and Instructional Improvement Fund Reports, Superintendent’s Annual Finance Reports (SAFR), SAFR digital data set, and School District Employee Reports (SDER)
  • Free/Reduced-Price Lunch Percentage Data – includes claim data for the month of October as part of the National School Lunch Program
  • School Finance Information Request – provides a list of entities (schools, LEAs, etc.) and data components based on chosen criteria
  • Exceptional Student Services Data – includes historical and trend data on special education student population based on the October 1 Federal Special Education Child Count
  • Educator Search – provides a list of Arizona educators meeting chosen criteria


If you have questions regarding the above data sets, please contact [email protected].

Additional relevant data may also be available through the National Center for Education Statistics: Elementary/Secondary Information System