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  • NOTICE:  Because of uncertainty in school schedules due to COVID-19, the Fall 2020 Technical Skills Assessments (TSAs) are cancelled. All students who concentrate in a CTE program, acquire two or more Carnegie Units, and have not graduated are eligible to take the TSA during the Spring 2021 testing period. CTE Technical Skills Assessments (TSAs)

Vision:   Develop Arizona’s competitive workforce through the power of Career and Technical Education. 
Mission:   Career and Technical Education will engage Arizona learners in relevant experiences leading to purposeful and economically viable careers. 

What’s New?

This has been a challenging year for everyone as we move through the process of adapting our CTE Data Portal for primary consumption of data submitted through AzEDS by each of your individual SIS systems.  We continue to work with you and the SIS providers to problem solve issues and assist in your data submissions to the system.  This process has obviously been greatly impacted by the current COVID situation with district closures through the end of the school year and most people working remotely from their school sites.  It is imperative that all of you continue to work on your data through the end of the availability period.  Any 2019-2020 data submitted to the CTE Data Portal through your SIS system must be completed no later than July 15th, 2020 as that is when AzEDS closes for the year.  This will be important for your performance measures when they come due next fall.  We do not have any information from the Office of Technical, Career & Adult Education (OCTAE) regarding leniency with performance measures due to the COVID outbreak, so we must continue to focus on improving the accuracy of the data as best we can.

CTE State Priority Funding

We have reviewed the enrollment data submitted to date and, although there are terrific improvements in the data every day, the quality is not yet high enough to utilize it for CTE Data Priority enrollment funding.  If you recall, 75% of the funding you receive for the CTE State Priority grant is based on prior year enrollment and the other 25% is based on related placements.  The placements tab has been open for your entries all year and will remain open through May 15th, 2020.  We will be running a single preliminary funding report for related placements which will be available for your review on June 1st, 2020.  The data portal will reopen for you to make changes to your placement data through June 30th, 2020.

For this year only, we will refrain from using enrollment data to generate the other 75% of your CTE State Priority funding for the 2020-2021 grant application.  This portion of your CTE State Priority allocation will be based on each subrecipients 9-12 grade, 40th day Average Daily Membership (ADM) for 2019-2020.  The funds for each subrecipient will be prorated based on the entities percentage of ADM compared to the statewide total ADM.  I believe that this will provide some needed relief for all of you given our current circumstances.

Because we will not be using 2019-2020 enrollment data for calculation of the new CTE State Priority funding, you will not need to submit exemption requests this year.  The exemption request tab in the CTE Data Portal will remain closed to prevent any submissions from being accepted.  It will reopen next year when normal processes resume.

Federal/State Indicator

Many of you have noticed that we have not opened the ability to modify the Federal/State indicator in the Participant/Concentrator section of the CTE Data Portal.  Historically, the system has had a basic functionality whereby it assigns a Federal indicator for any student with a single program.  The system recognizes students with two or more programs and has historically assigned the Federal indicator to the first program enrolled and the remainder as State indicators.  We have historically allowed you to make changes either manually in the system or through a bulk upload template.

The functionality of this area will be changing for the better and will result in fewer changes being needed by the subrecipient.  The system will continue to assign students with a single program with the Federal indicator.  For those students with more than one program, it will assign the Federal indicator based on a priority of concentrators first, completed the ADE Standards Assessment second, and finally the Nontraditional program last.  You will still be able to make manual adjustments directly in the CTE Data Portal for Federal/State indicator; however, it is anticipated that these adjustments will be minor (if needed at all) once this change is implemented.  We are keeping this manual functionality so that you continue to have access to your Federal/State indicators but will be discontinuing the bulk upload template at this time.

2020-2021 Perkins Grant – Substantial Approval

We have been notified by OCTAE that we are being given additional flexibility on the federal 2020-2021 grant applications.  For those of you who submit your grant application prior to July 1, 2020, if you have your General Statement of Assurance completed, you will be granted Substantial Approval.  You can then begin to obligate funds beginning on July 1, 2020.  You may not make a payment request, however, until you have full final approval of your initial Perkins application through the “ADE Director” level.  Please keep in mind that any obligated funds must adhere to the Perkins requirements and be deemed “reasonable and necessary” for the successful implementation of your grant.  We are awaiting further specific information from OCTAE regarding other possible flexibilities in the grant funding, which will be communicated to you at a later time.

2019-2020 State Priority Grant Application

Just a reminder that final payment requests for the CTE State Priority grant are due no later than noon, June 17th, 2020.  It is extremely important that you spend all of your state funding as this part of a maintenance of effort requirement for us to continue to receive federal Perkins funding.  Please remember that you cannot get a final payment from the Completion Report for this grant funding.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions you may have.  For grant related questions, please contact your Grant Program Specialist or Mary Medina, CTE Grant Lead.

For questions related to the CTE Data Portal, the fiscal/accountability staff are always willing to assist.  Please contact:

Tammie Chavez at [email protected]

Donna Kerwin at [email protected]

Janet Silao at [email protected]

Cathie Raymond
Deputy Associate Superintendent/State Director
Career and Technical Education
Arizona Department of Education
Phone:  602-364-2211
Email:  [email protected]