History of EL Laws in Arizona

Timeline explaining the history of EL education legislation in Arizona.  First, in 1992, Flores v. State of Arizona was heard.  Parents of students in Nogales alleged that the civil rights of English learners were being violated.  They claimed poor instruction without language acquisition support, inadequate funding for English learners, and poor English learner program entry and exit procedures.  Second, in 2000, the courts ruled in favor of the parents in Flores v. State of Arizona. The Arizona Department of Education entered into a consent decree agreeing that students will be taught English Language Development daily, students who struggle academically will be provided additional support, and standardized assessments will be used to determine placement in English learner programs.  Third, also in 2000, Proposition 203 was passed. Arizona voters pass the English Language Education for Children in Public School Act saying that all classroom instruction must be conducted in English, English should be taught as quickly and effectively as possible, and English will be taught through Sheltered English Immersion.  Fourth, in 2006, House Bill 2064 was passed.  This is the basis of Arizona Revised Statutes §15-756.  This bill created the Office English Language Acquisition Services, required all first year English learners to receive four hours of language instruction, created a funding source for English learner programs, and required a standard assessment to annually test English proficiency.  Last, in 2014, the Flores v. State of Arizona decision was reviewed. The court determined that Arizona had met the conditionsof the consent decree.