Program Management

The Exceptional Student Services (ESS) Program Management team distributes IDEA entitlement and discretionary grants to eligible Public Education Agencies (PEA) throughout Arizona. The grant application process is facilitated through the grants management system. Grants are approved, amended, and financially monitored through this system. Programmatic monitoring for IDEA grants is facilitated between the program management team and the program support and monitoring specialist in ESS.

IDEA Entitlement Grant


Proportionate Share

34 CFR 300.133 describes the requirements of the proportionate share calculation.

“…each LEA must spend the following on providing special education and related services (including direct services) to parentally-placed private school children with disabilities:”

  • “For children aged 3 through 21, an amount that is the same proportion of the LEA’s total subgrant under section 611(f) of the Act as the number of private school children with disabilities aged 3 through 21 who are enrolled by their parents in private, including religious, elementary schools and secondary schools located in the school district served by the LEA, is to the total number of children with disabilities in its jurisdiction aged 3 through 21.”

Proportionate Share Districts


New/Expanding Charter Schools

34 CFR Part 76, Subpart H describes how charters can receive IDEA Entitlement funds. The ADE (Arizona Department of Education) requires that a charter notify ESS (Exceptional Student Services) in order to obtain an allocation or an expansion to an allocation in the same year that the respective event occurs.


Pre‐Award Costs

2 CFR §200.458 allows for the approval of pre‐award costs prior to the effective date of the award where such costs are necessary for efficient and timely performance of the scope of work; to the extent that the costs would have been allowed if incurred after the date of the Federal award and only with written approval.

This form is found in the funding application within the grants management application. It will be reviewed when Exceptional Student Services reviews all information submitted with the funding application. This form must be attached in the related documents section of your PEAs funding application submission.

If this form is not submitted with the funding application, expenditures will not be approved for reimbursement requests before the significantly approved date.


For programmatic questions, please email [email protected] which includes:

  • Funding Applications
  • Completion Report programmatic issues
  • Proportionate Share
  • Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS)
  • Allocations
  • Maintenance of Effort general supervision

For fiscal questions, please email [email protected] which includes:

  • Reimbursement requests
  • Completion Reports expenditures
  • Maintenance of Effort review and processing

For questions on ESS Census, please email [email protected].

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