Approved Providers

In accordance with ARS §15-241 (K): The ADE State Tutoring fund represents the program available to all pupils in a school assigned a letter grade of D or F. The parents or guardians of pupils attending a school assigned a letter grade of D or F may select an alternative tutoring program in academic standards from an approved provider. Please see the 2020-2021 Eligible Schools list link on this page for those schools that are approved to apply for the 2020-2021 school year.

An LEA may choose to use an approved provider for their State Tutoring program. The Approved tutoring company would provide the tutors for the LEA. The LEA leadership team will work collaboratively with an approved tutoring provider. LEA’s would be responsible for analyzing initial data and for placing students into the State Tutoring program for ELA and/or math. LEA leadership will work collaboratively with the tutoring provider providing communication to classroom teachers and parents. LEA site administration will be a key partner with the approved tutoring vendor.

All vendor tutors should become familiar with all files and resources located in the LEA & Tutor Information & Required Forms section of the State Tutoring website.