How to Apply

Before applying for the State Tutor Grant, please ensure that each eligible school understands the program requirements and follows these steps:

  1. Enter the completed Grant Application Worksheet into the State Tutoring GME application.
  2. Attach the completed School Contact List into the State tutoring GME application.
  3. Each Tutor must complete a State Tutoring Checklist. All State Tutoring Checklists should be emailed to the State tutoring inbox as a single file. The site lead or Coordinator will email/fax all forms as a single file to the State tutoring inbox or fax to (602) 364-0902.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Future reimbursements may be denied without the State Tutoring Checklist on file at the State Tutoring Office. The State Tutoring Checklist must be filled out by each tutor listed on the School Contact List and emailed or faxed to the State tutoring Office as a site bundle.
  4. On the grant application, under the line item details for your tutors/coordinators, there are two (2) details which must be included in the application. You must include the benefits percentage rate and a description indicating that their benefits are without medical. State Tutoring applications will be rejected for revision until these items are correct.
  5. Once the application and supporting documents have been submitted, the State Tutoring Team will review and process the application.

Here are direction to access the State Tutoring Application through ADEConnect.