PROGRAM SUPPORT & MONITORING UPDATE: Hot Topic – ELs and Students with Disabilities

Published: July 12th, 2019

Given recent findings and questions from the field, the ESS/Program Support & Monitoring Hot Topic reviews the requirements for English Learners (ELs) under the IDEA. Specifically, July’s Hot Topic addresses the requirements for consideration of EL with regard to eligibility determination and IEP development.

Additionally, there have been some changes regarding EL testing requirements provided to the field by ADE/OELAS. The OELAS communication, “ELs with Disabilities,” explains the testing and exiting requirements for all ELs, including those with disabilities. Also of note is the guidance document, “EL and Title III Addendum,” recently released by the USDOE, addressing EL requirements.

ESS realizes this is a complex issue and wants to assist however we can. We are planning on including ELs and Students with Disabilities as a topic on the upcoming Talk with ADE schedule. Additionally, per the ADE/OELAS communication, an ADE EL/Special Education Taskforce will be convened in the fall to discuss these issues.

In the interim, for questions regarding IDEA requirements and compliance, please contact your ESS program specialist. For questions regarding AZELLA and/or EL programming, please contact your regional OELAS program specialist.