Attention Parents/Guardians!


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The best reading support you can give your child is to read daily, nightly and always to your child. A suggested 20 minutes a day is great, more is even better, and research has shown that reading to your child in their home language is just as beneficial as the second language they are trying to learn!!

So READ, READ and READ some more with your child!!


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Move On When Reading 2016-2017 Update Letter

In this information age, acquiring the ability to read and write proficiently is both necessary and crucial for a student’s academic success. It is essential that K-3 students have full access to effective, strategic and purposeful reading and writing instruction using strategies that have been proven to be successful with research and evidence.

icon Arizona State Statute 15-704 Arizona State Statute 15-704

icon Arizona’s revised statute 15-211  Arizona’s revised statute 15-211

icon Arizona Revised Statute 15 – 701  Arizona Revised Statute 15 – 701

icon 2015 Legislative Changes 2015 Legislative Changes (SB 1461) Effective July 3rd, 2015