Move On When Reading


Arizona’s Move on When Reading policy is designed to provide students with evidence-based, effective reading instruction in kindergarten through third grade in order to position them for success as they progress through school, college, and career. The legislation in A.R.S §15-701, A.R.S §15-704, and A.R.S §15-211 explains the requirements for pupil promotion, early literacy instruction, and accountability for student achievement in reading.

Addition: For an overview of the 2017 legislative changes to Move on When Reading, which have changed some requirements for both the Literacy Plan and data submissions, please view the following presentation (14 minutes): Overview of changes (2017-2018): icon movieWindows Movie Version | icon mp4MP4 Movie Version

Move On When Reading Annual Report 2018
Move On When Reading Annual Report 2017

Move On When Reading Update Letter 2018-2019