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Risk Assessment:


The intent of the Risk Assessment report is to ensure that entities have an opportunity to annually review key data points related to their fiscal practices.  The Arizona Department of Education’s (ADE) goal, in compliance with 2 CFR 200.331(b), is to provide meaningful information that assists entities to assess and reduce potential vulnerability.  ADE will use these results to provide technical support and drive healthy conversations around fiscal processes and improvements.

Under CFR §200.331(b) the Uniform Grant Guidance describes the requirements of a pass-through entity (ADE) to complete a Risk Assessment on their sub-recipients. The guidance allows ADE the authority to develop a risk assessment to meet the state’s needs. In addition, it allows ADE the flexibility to develop grant specific risk assessments and address various grants requirements.

Risk Assessment Training:

Risk Assessment training materials and webinar recordings can be accessed through the public folder, Risk Assessment – General Information, in the Grants Management Resource Library’s  GME User Resources and Training  on the Grants Management Enterprise (GME).

Risk Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

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