General Statement of Assurances (GSA) and Self-Assessment (SA)


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General Statement of Assurances (GSA):

For FY2019 and beyond, please complete the General Statement of Assurances (GSA) in the Grants Management Enterprise (GME), located on the Entity Information page – General Statement of Assurances. It is best practice to keep in mind that to start, edit, and submit the GSA, you must have the required GSA roles in GME:

  1. LEA General Statement of Assurance Update (this user can start and edit the GSA)
  2. LEA Entity Authorized Signer (this user can review and submit the GSA to ADE)

Please submit completed W-9 forms to [email protected]

Self-Assessment (SA):

The purpose of the Self-Assessment is to provide the entity information that is required when accepting and using federal grant funds. Each section provides measures to assist in evaluating performance and compliance with federal grant requirements. The self-assessment is also meant to assist entities in evaluating and recognizing areas where improvement is needed or where minimum requirements are not being met.

GSA and SA Training:

General Statement of Assurances and Self-Assessment training materials and webinar recordings can be accessed through the public folders, General Statement of Assurances (GSA) and Self-Assessment (SA), in the Grants Management Resource Library’s  GME User Resources and Training folder on the Grants Management Enterprise (GME).

General Statement of Assurances (GSA) Frequently Asked Questions

For additional guidance, please refer to:

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