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The main objective of the Fiscal Monitoring Unit is to ensure entities are compliant with federal and state guidelines. The team’s mission is to curb any fiscal roadblocks, shed light on federal and state compliance guidelines, and overall enhance the grant experience. We do this by conducting Fiscal Monitoring Audits and examining Single Audits.

Fiscal Monitoring Audit:

A Fiscal Monitoring Audit is a process whereby the financial and business management aspects of a grant are reviewed and evaluated by collecting and analyzing information from several different sources. The monitoring process tests five different compliance categories:

  • Time & Effort
  • Payroll Expenditures
  • Non-Payroll Expenditures
  • Asset Management
  • Grants Management

The Fiscal Monitoring Unit is responsible for monitoring all grants that are processed through GME.

Single Audit:

Single Audit is a required audit and completed annually for all LEAs and entities that expend $750,000 or more in federal funds. Entities hire an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to examine financial records, financial statements, federal award transactions and expenditures, management of operations, internal control systems and federal assistance it received during the audit period. The objective is to ensure funds were spent in accordance with the federal guidelines. The Single Audit must be completed within nine months after the close of the fiscal year and be submitted within those nine months or 30-days after the receipt of the Single Audit by the independent CPA, whichever is first.

General Grants Fiscal Monitoring Frequently Asked Questions

If answers to questions cannot be found under any of the topics covered on this website, please call 602-542-3901 and use Option 3. A Fiscal Monitoring Auditor will be happy to answer the questions or help find the guidance needed to meet compliance with federal and state grants management requirements.

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