AzEDCert Educator Portal – Electronic Certification for Arizona Educators

Welcome to the online portal for Arizona Educators!

You can apply online to renew your certificate, for all initial certificates, approved areas, and endorsements including:

  • All initial certificates (Substitute, Standard Professional, CTE, STEM, Subject Matter Expert, Emergency, etc).
  • All approved areas (Content area designations added to appropriate certificates)
  • All endorsements (Specialization – content and student groups – added to appropriate certificates)
  • Certificate renewal
Services not available via the on-line system include certificate extensions, transfers, deficiency removals, name change, and duplicate copy requests.

In the Educator Portal, you may also view the status of your current credentials as well as the status of applications that you have submitted on-line.

Click on the titles below for helpful information about applying online.

Go to the AzEDCert Educator portal

Attention:  If you’re using a public computer, always protect your personal information. Never save scanned files to the computer’s local hard drive. Always completely log out of online resources, close the browser and log out of the computer if appropriate.