Educator Portal – Electronic Certification for Arizona Educators

Welcome to the online portal for Arizona Educators!

Currently, the following services are available via the online portal:

  • All initial certificates (Substitute, Standard Professional, CTE, STEM, Subject Matter Expert, Emergency, etc).
  • All approved areas (Content area designations added to appropriate certificates)
  • All endorsements (Specialization – content and student groups – added to appropriate certificates)
  • Certificate renewal
Services not available via the on-line system include certificate extensions, transfers, deficiency removals, name change, and duplicate copy requests.
In the portal, you may also view the status of your current credentials as well as the status of applications that you have submitted on-line.

Preparing for making application online

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  • Download the requirement document for each service or certificate that you are applying for. Review the checklist and check to make sure that you meet the requirements.
  • Ensure that your IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card is valid. See our Fingerprint Clearance Card (IVP) page for more information about obtaining and renewing your IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card or your human resource department. To create an account in AzEDCert, you must have an Arizona DPS Fingerprint Clearance card and marked the DOE as the sponsor.
  • Collect or request the necessary documentation for each requirement. Please review the requirement document for guidance on types of documentation that must be provided. Keep in mind that some forms of documentation may be scanned and submitted with your application while others, such as official transcripts and teaching experience verification, must be submitted by the issuing institution directly to the Arizona Department of Education at [email protected].
  • Have the appropriate form of payment for completing the online application process, Visa and MasterCard are accepted and a $2.00 convenience fee will be added to each application submitted. You may always apply via mail with check or money order or in person and not be charged the convenience fee. See contact us for more information about our locations, hours, mailing address and forms of payment accepted.

Making application online

Already registered AzEDCert applicants will use their verified e-mail address and password to log-on.
First-time AzEDCert applicants will need to link their existing certification file information to an e-mail address. We suggest you use your personal e-mail address and not an institutional (school) e-mail address.
  1. You will be asked to provide your social security number and your date of birth.
  2. You will be asked for other personal contact information to verify your identity. If you do not hold an Arizona certificate, you will be asked for your fingerprint card information.
  3. You will then confirm your current contact information and verify your e-mail address. Please use your personal e-mail address.
  4. You will then need to verify the e-mail address you provided by following the details in the verification e-mail.
Following this process, you may log-in, view your current and past certifications as well as make application.

Go to the AzEDCert Educator portal:

Scanning your documents

Scanning is how you create electronic versions of paper applications and documents. Creating electronic copies may be accomplished through flatbed scanners as well as phones and tablets with scanning apps. Free and inexpensive scanning apps are available from such sites as Google Play and the Apple iTunes app stores.
  • Follow the instructions provided with the scanner by the manufacturer and/or via the software or app.
  • Save each file as a PDF or image file such as a .jpg, .png, or .gif.
  • We suggest you include your name and a description of what the file contains in the file name. For example, “Jane Doe fingerprint card.jpg”.
Note: If you don’t have a scanner at home, you may be able to scan documents at a local library or your school if the copier has scanning functionality. In that case, save the scanned documents to a USB drive or e-mail them to yourself so that you may access them later when submitting your application materials online.
Attention:  If you’re using a public computer, always protect your personal information. Never save scanned files to the computer’s local hard drive. Always completely log out of online resources, close the browser and log out of the computer if appropriate.