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Tech User of the Month: Friendly House Adult Education!

Everyone at Friendly House Adult Education, including Cathy Turley and Minja Maksimovic, have been hard at work ensuring that they are not surviving this transition to virtual operations, but thriving in it! They coordinated everything from book clubs to virtual guest speakers! See the images below to learn how Friendly House staff have been actively supporting their learners and the success they’ve had!

Title slide for FHI.
A list of ways ABE students are supported during COVID-19.
A list of ways ELAA students are supported during COVID-19.
Student Success Stories.


It does not end there! The folks at Friendly House have also been busy creating videos (in English and Spanish)! One lets students know that although face-to-face classes are cancelled, learning continues! What I think is great about this video in particular, is that it is short (only 45 seconds!) but meaningful, check it out by clicking here. There are also others showing students how to complete the new online enrollment process, view the English version by clicking here or here for the Spanish version.

This is such a great way to kick off not only a new program year, but a new grant contract! Thank you all at Friendly House for your innovation, dedication, and motivation! 😀


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