OPERATIONS UPDATE: PEA Determinations Finalized, Published Online

Published: September 6th, 2019

Under Section 616 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2004 (IDEA), States are required to make a determination for all public education agencies (PEAs) of their performance on identified special education criteria. The Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2017 determinations have been posted to the PEA Determinations section of the ESS website. Additionally, PEA Determinations can be accessed through the ESS PEA Determination application under ADEConnect. Please contact your PEA’s entity administrator for ADEConnect to access this application. Your PEA Determination is final unless your agency appeals by October 4, 2019.

A written appeal may be filed if the PEA has documentation that shows the data used to issue the Determination are inaccurate. If the PEA submitted inaccurate data and did not correct the data when given the opportunity by the Arizona Department of Education/Exceptional Student Services (ADE/ESS), then the Determination level will not be changed, regardless of the appeal.

Use the PEA Determination Appeal Form found on the PEA Determinations website. Upon receipt of the appeal, the ADE/ESS will review and provide a written response within 30 days. If the appeal is granted, the ADE/ESS will issue a final determination within 30 days of the written response.

For questions regarding PEA Determinations, please contact the ESS Operations unit using the ESS Operations inbox.