DATA/OPERATIONS UPDATE: Exceptional Student Services (ESS) Portal is Now Open on ADEConnect

Published: June 24th, 2019

Exceptional Student Services (ESS) has launched the ESS Portal, which will give users a single platform for all Special Education applications in one place! Over the next year, ESS will work on providing an easier and cleaner application interface to all public education agencies (PEAs) required to use Special Education applications. Users who have permission to any ESS application will see the ESS Portal application under ADEConnect. Over time, ESS will be reviewing permissions for all its applications and streamlining the number of applications. This will reduce confusion and save time for everyone using these applications. Please see this screenshot of the ESS Portal, as well as an explanation of some of the current features:

  • Red and green dots (blue arrow) indicate which applications are open for collection/input and which are closed
  • Grayed out sections (orange arrow) indicate applications for which the user does not have permission
  • Upcoming Data Events (green arrow) highlights items that are either due soon, are critical dates in data collections, or are critical process times in applications

As ESS moves into the 2019-2020 school year, there are other enhancements to the ESS Portal in the works. We will add data dashboards for students with disabilities for all PEAs down to the student level. Additionally, we will be consolidating some applications to and making them easier to use, so users can save time on data collection and avoid unnecessary clicks in applications. We are excited to see how the portal will help PEAs and students! Please email the ESS Data Management team with any questions or call 602-542-3962