AZ-TAS INFORMATION: Graduation AZ-TAS Document Being Revised

Published: March 15th, 2019

Hello Special Education Directors,

ADE is gratified by the overwhelming interest in the Arizona Technical Assistance System (AZ-TAS) document for graduation requirements. In the roughly three weeks since the guidance document was published on the ADE website, the Departmenthas heard from a wealth of stakeholders through a variety of channels. We have spoken personally with constituents with questions, helped them brainstorm solutions to tricky situations on school campuses, and presented to the Special Education Advisory Panel. Through these interactions, we have received valuable input that we will use to improve guidance provided in this document.

We understand that there is a need for clarification in specific areas within the document to ensure the guidance is useful, meaningful, and supports all students with disabilities in accordance with the requirements of the IDEA, state statute, and State Board Rule, while not imposing additional requirements but still allowing schools to implement their own best practices. ADE/ESS, in consultation with ADE/Dispute Resolution, ADE/Assessment, and the Arizona Attorney General’s office, is currently reviewing and considering all feedback provided in order to revise the Graduation AZ-TAS document. As a result, effective immediately, please view the version currently published on the website as a working document.

I would like to thank each individual or group that reached out to ADE to provide feedback or articulate concerns. Your voice will help us shape better guidance and keeps ADE in touch with realities in the field. If you have not yet provided feedback, feel free to contact [email protected], who is maintaining a repository of information to help inform the ongoing revision.

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