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Sarah Hendrix

Deputy Associate Superintendent

I’m Sarah Hendrix, Deputy Associate Superintendent of Grants Management Division. I have been with the Grants Department for six years now and started as a Grants Coordinator then moved to the Grants Technology Director to now overseeing the department as the Deputy Associate Superintendent.  When I started in Grants we were a department of four and now we have over 20 dedicated employees!

Katarina Pena


Grants Management Training

“My name is Katarina Pena but most of my coworkers call me Kat. I started in Grants Management in September 2017 as one of two trainers providing training and assistance on the Grants Management Enterprise (GME) system. I studied to become a teacher because I love learning and wanted to help others have quality educational experiences. My background is in both the private and public sectors and since 2010 I have worked in the human resources, employee development and training fields. I believe that continuing education and professional development are great ways to help us develop professionally as well as personally. My goal as Training Supervisor is to provide valuable training programs that reach beyond the GME system and that positively impact Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and ADE employees.”


Alice Johnson


Grants Management Technology

“I’m Alice Johnson and I have worked for the Department of Education since August 2013 as part of the Grants Management team.  Being part of the Grants Technology team has been exciting and fulfilling, as we continually work to build a more comprehensive and efficient system for Arizona’s educational organizations and our own agency users.”

Kristen Heck


Grants Fiscal Processing

“I joined Grants Management in February 2016. The Grants Processing Team oversees the fiscal components of the Grants such as completion reports (CR), reimbursement requests, CR revisions, interest, refunds, Indirect Cost, MOE, and etc. We work with the LEAs to provide technical assistance and ongoing support. I am proud of the excellent service we deliver to our customers and our dedication to supporting the education of today’s youth. We look forward to providing you with continuous support.”



Grants Fiscal Monitoring

This section will be updated upon position hire.