Transcripts and Student Records

The Arizona Department of Education does not store transcripts or records for students.All school records are stored at the local school and district level and must be requested by contacting the appropriate entity.

Public Schools (District and Charter)

To obtain transcripts from an Arizona K-12 public school you will need to directly contact that school.  You may search for school district/charter school contact information by utilizing our website’s Public School Search at

Please be advised that most high schools are unable to accommodate requests for duplicate diplomas. However, we suggest that you contact the school directly as records retention policies may vary. In many cases schools are able to provide an official copy of your complete transcripts, which includes a date of graduation.

Closed Charter Schools

For closed charter schools contact the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (ASBCS) at (602) 364-3080 or send an email to [email protected]. ASBCS may be the custodian of records for closed charter school or can direct you appropriately to the custodian of the records.

You may also visit ASBCS website at to find lists and other resources for closed charter schools student records.

Private Schools

To obtain a transcript from an Arizona K-12 private school you will need to directly contact that school. If the school has closed, you will need to contact the organization responsible for the administration of the school if possible or reach out to former students, faculty members, or administrators to see if they have additional information on where the records may be stored.

Private and Vocational Colleges

To obtain a transcript from a private or vocational college that is closed or unable to be contacted, please call the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education at (602) 542-5709. You may also visit their website for more information.

Community Colleges and Universities

To request a transcript from an Arizona community college or public university, you will need to reach out to the school directly. You can find their contact information at our College & University Resource Center.