Standards: Mathematics

What the Arizona Mathematics Standards Are
The Arizona Mathematics Standards define the knowledge, understanding, and skills that need to be taught and learned so all students are ready to succeed in credit-bearing, college-entry courses and/or in the workplace. The Arizona Mathematics Standards are the foundation to guide the construction and evaluation of mathematics programs in Arizona K-12 schools and the broader Arizona community. These standards were adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education in December of 2016.
The Arizona K-12 Mathematics Workgroup developed a definition for understanding in mathematics. This definition can also be found in the Arizona Mathematics Standards Introduction.

Understanding in Mathematics
When a student understands a mathematical concept, they move fluidly between the concrete and abstract. There is evidence they are able to make sense of and justify mathematical connections. Evidence of understanding includes connections among:

  • Verbal or written reasoning
  • Pictorial representations
  • Real-world application
  • Procedures/Computation

Introduction to the Arizona Mathematics Standards        Glossary

Arizona Mathematics Standards (Adopted December 2016)

  *New Updates to the Standards Documents – July 2018

AzMERIT will be aligned to the new standards beginning with the spring 2019 exam.

The Arizona Mathematics Standards are:
Focused in coherent progressions across grades K-12
Aligned with college and workforce expectations.
Inclusive of rigorous content and applications of knowledge through higher-order thinking.
Research and evidence based.

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