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What is the Zip Code Project?

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Vision: To serve all youth by providing guidance and resources that will assist in their focus to stay engaged and on track to achieve their educational goals, acquire their career of choice and live a productive life.

Mission: To mobilize the power of community collaboration and best practices to help navigate the complex education system for the most at-risk youth in the State.

The Zip Code Project is an initiative by the Arizona Department of Education dedicated to assisting disconnected youth ages 16-24 that are neither employed nor attending school. The goal is to find them opportunities, so they can succeed in life. This vulnerable population needs our greatest attention. Unfortunately, the numbers of disconnected youth are increasing. Nationally one in seven youth ages 16-24 are disconnected; while in Arizona that number is a staggering one in five. The negative effects are felt across the economy, society, and the criminal justice system.

In the Arizona Department of Education, the Zip Code Project is coordinated within the Adult Education Services Unit. Adult Education Services provide learners aged sixteen and older with access to quality educational opportunities statewide to support employment, job training and higher education aspirations. Adult Education Services also administers the High School Equivalency (HSE) testing and transcript system in Arizona.

A major function of The Zip Code Project is to develop Community Action Groups in each target zip code.  Promotion of the Action Groups and the provision of a platform for them to meet, collaborate and disseminate information, benefits the community in its effort to assist disconnected youth.  Support of these youth with educational or workforce opportunities, referrals to resources and services, and assistance securing grant funding are also provided. The Zip Code Project seeks to help lead Arizona in overcoming and ending youth disconnection; one young person at a time.

“Imagine if all our students, no matter their background or no matter their zip code, had the supports and services they needed in their local school to be successful…I am done saying imagine if; I am here to say, let’s get to work.”  ~Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, Inauguration Address, January 7, 2019


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