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Published: February 20th, 2020

FUNDING UPDATE: Proportionate Share Obligations and Flexibilities Guidance

School District Special Education Directors,

Many questions have been received by Exceptional Student Services (ESS) regarding whether unused proportionate share funds can be reverted to other activities under the IDEA entitlement grant after a period of time. ESS has finally received feedback regarding how these funds can be flexible considering time frame and specific criteria. Although detailed requirements are still in development and should be disseminated in April 2020, this memo provides an overview of proportionate share flexibility.

For further questions, please contact ESS Program Management at [email protected].

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Published: January 21st, 2020

FISCAL UPDATE: Fiscal Year 2020 IDEA High-Cost Funding Opening Soon

Special Education Directors,

ADE/ESS is opening up the IDEA High-Cost Funding application for claims for the 2019-2020 school year on January 27, 2020. All applications will be reviewed and processed to determine if they meet the minimum requirements for any high-cost claim. Details about the criteria used for review are in the this notification.

For any questions or concerns, please email ESS Program Management.

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Published: March 25th, 2019

FISCAL INFO: Important Dates and Deadlines for IDEA Funding

Directors of Special Education,

ESS Program Management is sharing the following important dates for IDEA Funding and IDEA Fiscal Related activities. Included in this memo is an announcement of a half-day, in-person training at ADE Central on April 15, 2019.

Please share these important updates with your PEA’s Business Manager.

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned in this update, please contact [email protected] or call 602-542-4013 to speak to an ESS Program Management Specialist.

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Published: October 2nd, 2018

FISCAL INFO: Final IDEA Allocations are Loaded into Grants Management

Special Education Directors,

The final IDEA allocations have now been pushed into Grants Management within ADEConnect. The amounts were published on September 18, 2018 and PEAs can now access their funding applications to take advantage of their fully entitled allocations.

If your entity already had an application that was SEA (State Education Agency) Director approved, your grant will be put into revised status for you to apply for the different funding amount. If your application has not already been SEA Director approved, then the adjustments are now loaded in Grants Management for your PEA to submit.

The original timeline for loading allocation adjustments is provided below.


ESS has completed the revisions to the allocations and related actions per the following timelines:

  • September 18 – Publish the spreadsheet with all allocation revisions (detailed by source) for IDEA Entitlement grants
  • September 21 – Provide Grants Management with the required information and indicate notes in the history log of individual PEA grants of the adjustments
  • September 24 to 28 – Grant applications will be moved into a revision status if they are already approved. Grants that are not approved will have the revision loaded with no status change.
  • October 1 – ESS will begin to review any grant revisions utilizing the revised funds.

If there are any questions, please view resources and information at the ESS Operations webpage: or contact ESS Program Management at [email protected].

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Published: June 6th, 2018

FY 2018 Final Allocation Adjustments & Information on FY 2019 Allocations

Exceptional Student Services (ESS) has finished the fiscal year 2018 IDEA Entitlement allocations for both Basic (611) and Preschool (619). Attached in this announcement are more details regarding the specific adjustments to the allocations as required by congressional action. ESS encourages all public education agencies to appropriately process revisions before they close out before the end of the year.

FY2018 IDEA Basic Final Allocation Adjustments and Information on FY2019 Allocations

If you have any questions, please contact ESS Program Management at [email protected].

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