Published: April 9th, 2020

PD INFO: STAR Autism Support Opportunities – Time Sensitive

Special Education Directors,

ADE/ESS and Early Childhood Education (ECE), and STAR Autism Support are collaborating to offer resources and professional learning opportunities to support your staff through this unprecedented period of remote learning. The following information details your FREE access to tools intended to support remote learning for all learning levels, including children who have minimal language or are non-verbal, have motor skill limitations, or have challenges attending to instruction.

Access to the STAR Online Learning System (SOLS)

All educators throughout Arizona may now receive FREE access to SOLS through STAR Autism Support. The STAR Online Learning System offers programming for early-childhood and primary age students, as well as for secondary students. A short administrator webinar (with information about SOLS and the provided resources) is available here:

Three ways of engaging with teachers, students and caregivers are offered:

  • Home Supports are offered to caregivers and students during this time of significant routine upheaval, including visual resources and video modeling for families. Caregivers can use these resources to support their children during daily routines.
  • Instructorless Learning Home Packets include printable materials that offer caregivers and students fun, theme-based materials designed to meet students’ individual learning levels. The printable packets offer flexibility for caregivers to decide when their children engage with materials, providing opportunities for students to work independently to maintain previously learned skills.
  • Synchronous Remote Learning Tools include everything needed for a comprehensive remote learning program. To support individual IEP goals and the development of new skills, synchronous remote instruction offers the opportunity for teachers to individualize and scaffold curriculum to meet the unique needs of all students.

To request FREE access to the STAR Online Learning System (SOLS)

Simply forward the attached flyer to your staff or direct them to register here:

Professional development opportunities for instructional staff and related services

Several virtual professional development opportunities will be made available to staff implementing remote learning.  These trainings will both provide guidance on ensuring successful learning sessions, as well as offer Q&A opportunities for staff to troubleshoot various challenging scenarios. Each series of trainings includes:

  • 3 introductory webinars (each building on the previous) to support implementation of remote learning
  • 8 subsequent weekly webinars to offer staff support on various topics, as well as Q&A opportunities

Your public education agency’s (PEA) staff will be asked to select participation in one of 3 training series (beginning each of the following 3 weeks). Staff may register here for access to the professional development:

The first professional development opportunities begin on April 14, 2020. PEAs are also encouraged to contact STAR Autism Support if they would like additional individualized support during this time for their teachers, related service staff members and paraprofessionals! Click here to learn more about these additional support opportunities:  

We are excited to offer these opportunities to work with your teams to support their remote learning sessions!


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