AZ-TAS INFORMATION: Graduation AZ-TAS Document Now Available!

Published: January 31st, 2020

It has been almost one year since the last major update of the Graduation AZ-TAS (Arizona Technical Assistance and Support) document. Since that time, ADE/ESS has sought feedback about the document in person, via phone, via survey, and electronically. With feedback from internal and external special education stakeholders, the Graduation AZ-TAS has been revised and the final version is now available.

The Graduation AZ-TAS document can be found on the ESS website.

The completion of the AZ-TAS Graduation document does not end technical assistance and guidance. Among the needs that ADE/ESS has heard during the feedback process, the ESS/Secondary Transition unit will be working on companion documents for school personnel and families to provide guiding questions that help schools and families explore and plan for graduation decisions. ESS will also work with Raising Special Kids to develop a parent-friendly version of the Graduation AZ-TAS document.

Many thanks to all those who provided feedback and engaged in meaningful dialogue about this guidance document. To ask questions or leave comments, please email Exceptional Student Services.