DATA UPDATE: AzEDS Data Reporting Changes: Proportionate Share Preschool Services Code PJ Removed from AzEDS; Tuition Payer Code Changes

Published: November 15th, 2019

The Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services (ADE/ESS), has received clarification, including feedback from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, regarding proportionate share services specific to preschool students. Clarification was sought on whether proportionate share services could be used for parentally private-placed students who are enrolled in a preschool program that is not a part of a district but is located within the boundaries of a school district.

Based upon this clarification it has brought about changes to AzEDS reporting to ensure that data is clean and appropriate based upon feedback. It has also led to evaluating and cleaning up other data metrics related to preschool students to align with cleaner data for consumption by business units at the department.

Please refer to the Proportionate Share Code Removal memo and the Tuition Payer Code memo that detail this information. For assistance with special education data submissions, please email ESS Data Management.