SURVEY NEED: Instructional Accommodations Survey Follow-Up

Published: May 8th, 2019

Special Education Administrators,

It’s been two years since ADE’s 2017 Instructional Accommodations Survey, a biennial inquiry that has informed ADE of accommodation trends since 2015. This information assists us in planning presentations and training for the field. We invite you and other personnel who provide instruction for students with disabilities to take a few minutes to respond to a follow-up survey.

ADE’s Assessment and ESS Sections are particularly interested in feedback on accommodations that provide access to grade level content aligned to Arizona’s English Language Art and Mathematics Standards (2016). In addition, your input on areas of interest for professional development will help inform us of current practices in the field and alert us to areas that we may consider for developing ADE supports for Statewide assessments addressed in the 5-Year Assessment Plan.

This survey is intended for both general education and special education teachers. Please forward the survey link and encourage your colleagues to respond to ensure a robust Statewide sample. The survey will close on June 1, 2019. We appreciate your feedback.