Archive — Month: August 2018

Published: August 20th, 2018

ADE/ESS Special Education Director Mentoring Program

Special Education Administrators, Are you a veteran special education director that is interested in mentoring a new special education director? Are you a new special education director seeking mentorship?  If you answered yes to either of the above questions then you may be interested in the ADE/ESS Special Education Director Mentoring Program. Additional information, including [Read more…]

Published: August 14th, 2018

Workplace Resources for Intellectual Disability

Individuals with intellectual disability (ID) experience significant limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior.  The Arc reports that between one and three percent of Americans have ID. The majority of adults with ID are either unemployed or underemployed. This list of resources can help workforce professionals better understand this disability type and facilitate employment opportunities. Please visit Workforce GPS at [Read more…]

Published: August 13th, 2018

Workforce GPS: Ticket to Work

The Ticket to Work program provides individuals with disabilities receiving disability benefits opportunities to return to work, stay employed and increase earnings. As a result, beneficiaries with disabilities may reduce their dependency on public benefits and become more economically self-sufficient. This page contains links to administer Ticket to Work through an Employment Network (EN) in [Read more…]

Published: August 13th, 2018

LEAD Center Releases Guided Group Discovery Online Participant Workbook

The LEAD Center is pleased to announce the release of the Guided Group Discovery Online Participant Workbook. The Online Participant Workbook can be completed using any browser. This user-friendly tool allows youth and adults to create a personalized Blueprint for Employment. Each participant receives a private link that allows them to add to, edit, or [Read more…]

Published: August 13th, 2018

Disability Technical Assistance Videos

Tired of reading documents and reports? These videos can help you learn about disability employment issues as well as humanize the work we do to help connect the pieces. ETA is featuring videos to support our everyday work. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these 10 short informative videos covering a diverse range of disability [Read more…]

Published: August 13th, 2018

The Arizona Career Readiness Credential Validates the Skills that Matter Most to Arizona Employers

A major initiative set forth by Governor Ducey in partnership with [email protected] and the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) makes the Arizona Career Readiness Credential available to job seekers across the state. This tool prepares job seekers for success by demonstrating their command of seven skill areas that are relevant to every occupation, industry and career [Read more…]

Published: August 10th, 2018

PS & M INFORMATION: Special Education Policies and Procedures – Updated Deadline

Special education administrators, The below memo outlines the fiscal requirements for assurances and special education policies and procedures. ADE/ESS has issued a revised policies and procedures checklist to assist in ensuring all requirements are included in the public education agency’s (PEA’s) individual policies and procedures. Due to this revision, ADE is extending the deadline for [Read more…]