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Race to the Top:

Information for Student-Teacher-Course Connection:

Student-Teacher-Course Connection Resource Library – resources designed with you in mind

Getting Started ChecklistUse this guide to help you understand what you need successfully complete each phase of the Student-Teacher-Course Connection program.Download guide

Live and Recorded WebinarsDesigned exclusively for users just like you, these highly-interactive training sessions will give you the tools you need to successfully complete the Student-Teacher-Course Connection program.

Phase 1 ResourcesThis phase involves mapping local courses to the Arizona state course codes and is the first step in successfully completing the Student-Teacher-Course Connection Program.

Phase 2 ResourcesThis phase helps you enter all of the necessary data into your Student Information System (SIS).

Phase 3 ResourcesThe final phase for the Student-Teacher-Course Connection Program is to submit two files on the 40th Day, 100th Day and EOY.

Information for Participating LEAs:

2012-01-31 – Arizona Race to the Top: Next Steps for Participating LEAs

Arizona Race to the Top – LEA Scope of Work PowerPoint Presentation