Published: August 7th, 2012

Update ~ Target date for Scope of Work revised to October 1st

The revised target date for the completion and submission of a detailed LEA Scope of Work and grant fiscal application for eligible, participating Race to the Top LEAs is October 1st .

We recognize the challenges associated with summer and transitioning into the new school year and want to ensure that all Race to the Top Participating LEAs are successful in accessing their allocated funding.

Arizona’s Final Grant Allocations ~ Race to the Top Participating LEAs  New!

For participating LEAs interested in joining a consortium for Race to the Top, please contact your local Regional Center or local County School Superintendent’s Office. They can provide you with information regarding potential options for joining a Race to the Top grant consortium in your County or Region.

Additional information on next steps, to include links to technical assistance materials and a schedule of regionally-based technical assistance sessions and statewide webinars, will be available soon.

Important Quick links: Student-Teacher-Course Connection Resources Click here for Student-Teacher-Course Connection Webinars

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