Policy Development and Government Relations

Welcome to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Policy Development and Government Relations Office!


To serve Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State’s education community, ensuring every student has access to an excellent education.


The ADE Policy Development  Government Relations Office is focused on representing the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the department to all levels of local, state, and federal government. Policy Development and Government Relations keeps policymakers informed of the Department’s perspective on issues affecting K-12 education, while keeping internal customers informed of what changes are necessary to comply with state or federal policy changes. Policy Development and Government Relations also develops and disseminates guidance and technical assistance to the department’s external customers as necessary.

Please feel free to provide any input to [email protected].

Staff Contacts

  • Charles Tack, Associate Superintendent of Policy Development & Government Relations   |   [email protected]   |   602-364-0764
  • Stephanie Rodin, Executive Assistant   |   [email protected]   |   602-542-0554
  • Nick LeFevre, Legislative Liaison   |  [email protected]   |   602-542-8781
  • Cassie O’Quin, Education Ombudsman and Government Relations Liaison   |   cassie.o’[email protected]   |  602-542-3876
  • Alexis Susdorf (formerly Burkhart), Senior Policy Analyst  |   [email protected]   |  602-542-3309

Education Ombudsman

The Ombudsman works with parents, students and teachers to help them resolve complaints by facilitating their interactions with other educational government agencies. The Ombudsman also looks at patterns of complaints within the Department of Education and uses that data to provide better customer service to the families and educators we serve.

2018 Legislative Budget Committee Presentations

2017 Legislative Session Summary

The ADE Policy Development and Government Relations Team compiled a document outlining legislation impacting the Arizona Department of Education from the 53rd Legislature- First Regular Session. You can view this document by CLICKING HERE!

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget for the Arizona Department of Education

ADE is required to post budget schedules, statements and explanatory information for our agency’s operating budget request for Fiscal Year 2019. You can access this document by clicking here.

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