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On April 4, 2018, Senate Bill 1083 was signed into law. The law requires all schools that have grades K-5 provide two recess periods per school day. Per the law, recess is defined as “a period of time during the regular school day, including time before or after a scheduled lunch period, during which a pupil is able to engage in physical activity or social interaction with other pupils”.

Let’s Play Arizona Recess Toolkit The Arizona Recess Toolkit is designed to provide school leadership and teachers with information, guidance, and tools that will make the implementation of the new law easier.

CDC- Recess in Schools Recess is a regularly scheduled period in the school day for physical activity and play that is monitored by trained staff or volunteers. During recess, students are encouraged to be physically active and engaged with their peers in activities of their choice, at all grade levels, kindergarten through 12th grade.

SHAPE America Strategies for Recess in Schools The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and SHAPE America have developed new guidance documents that provide schools with 19 evidence-based strategies for recess, as well as a planning guide and template to help develop a written recess plan that integrates these strategies. Provided daily, along with effective health and physical education classes, recess supports SHAPE America’s 50 Million Strong commitment to empower all kids to lead active and healthy lives.

Action for Healthy Kids Recess is a time for children to release energy and reduce stress which also may improve attention and reduce disruptive behavior in the classroom. Elementary schools should incorporate a minimum of 20 minutes per day of recess for all grades and 30 minutes for the primary grades. Action for Healthy Kids provides steps to review to incorporate active recess at your school.

Alternatives to Outdoor Recess

GoNoodle Indoor Recess Move along to amazing Indoor Recess mega-mixes.

Action for Healthy Kids, Active Indoor Recess Active indoor recess is a great way to get physically moving, regardless of space or equipment constraints.

Peaceful Playgrounds 2 Go Indoor Games Program The new 2 Go Indoor Games Program Kit includes everything you need to create and implement an exciting indoor Peaceful Playground activity in your classroom.

Peaceful Playgrounds Indoor Activities 10 Rainy Day and Snow Day Activities for Indoor Recess & P. E.

40 Sanity-Saving Indoor Recess Ideas Here are 40 fun indoor recess ideas, some new and some tried and true.


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