Arizona School Garden Sustainability Summit Promotion

Published: July 25th, 2019

We are excited to share that the 2019 Arizona School Garden Sustainability Series has been rescheduled to align with the upcoming school garden season. This series is being hosted by the Arizona Garden Network, which is a collaborative work group including representatives from the Arizona Department of Education, University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Arizona Health Zone through the Arizona Department of Health Services. This 2-day conference promises to provide plenty of useful information and inspiration for anyone involved in garden education and curriculum development. The Summit has been planned based on evidence-based indicators for successful garden programming described in detail in the evidence-based Garden Resources, Education and Environment Nexus (GREEN) tool (Burt, Koch, & Contento, 2017). Specifically, the elements critical to a successful and sustainable garden program are:

  1. Development of a Garden Committee
  2. Establishment of Funding and Support
  3. Integration with programming/curriculum
  4. Professional Development

You’ll find that each session directly addresses one of the four critical elements to successful school garden programming. You will hear from garden program leaders, educators, Master Gardeners, horticulture/botany professionals, sustainability leaders and more. We hope that your educators leave the Summit with ideas that can immediately be implemented in your own garden setting.

Register for the following trainings here:

  • September 5th (Mesa, AZ) 9:00am-4:00pm
  • September 6th (Mesa, AZ) 9:00am-4:00pm