upLIFT: A New Resource for AZ School Nutrition Professionals

Published: July 18th, 2019

upLIFT is created for you, the school nutrition professional, to learn and get inspired in how and what you feed your students. We hope you share your successes and ideas to teach your colleagues of Arizona. Together we can influence positive dietary behaviors in students!

Here is what you can expect from upLIFT during this program year:


  • New nutrition fact sheets and research overviews each month to help you to expand your nutrition knowledge!
  • Monthly upLIFT Webinar Series (check out the upcoming topics in the PY20 Training Curriculum & Brochure)!


  • Resources related to our Whole Grain Pledge Nutrition Initiative, including the list of all pledge signers (add your name to the list by taking the Whole Grain Pledge to commit to serving exclusively whole grain-rich items and opt-out of the flexibilities allowing service of enriched grains)!
  • Featured photos in our photo gallery to highlight the work you and your peers are doing to nourish children!


  • Monthly recipe cards that feature whole grain ingredients for you to serve to your students!


  • Resources designed to help teachers at your school(s) better understand NSLP and SBP!

Visit the upLIFT webpage to learn more!