LEA User Access Administrator Functionality 

Published: September 19th, 2018

LEA User Access Administrator Functionality (9/19/2018)

Greetings LEA User Access Administrator,

System security is a priority which can only be safeguarded by regularly monitoring user access for your organization. With this in mind, you are receiving this message because you have the LEA User Access Administrator role in GME for your organization. As an LEA User Access Administrator, it is important to remember to review and update your organization’s user access on a quarterly basis (at a minimum), but we highly recommended on a monthly basis.

Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide (located in the Grants Management Resource Library > GME User Reference Guide > User Roles/User Access Administration > Creating Roles QRG/Deleting Roles QRG) to get a step-by-step direction on how to assign and/or remove GME user roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the functionality of the LEA User Access Administrator role?

A: A user with the LEA User Access Administrator role can assign and remove GME roles for any user within their organization. It is recommended that the LEA User Access Administrator audits the user list at least once a quarter to ensure all users have the appropriate roles and any users that are no longer with the organization or no longer need access to GME can have their roles removed.

Q: Can the LEA User Access Administrator role remove users in GME?

A: No; users cannot be removed to maintain historical data, but roles can be removed.

Q: Can the LEA User Access Administrator role add/create new users in GME?

A: No; the Create User is no longer an option. If an LEA has a new employee that needs access to GME, the following steps must be followed:

1. New employee must be given the Grants Management application in ADEConnect (via the Entity Administrator). 2. New employee logs into ADEConnect and clicks on the Grants Management link; GME will automatically create his/her account. 3. LEA User Access Administrator can then assign role(s) for the new employee

Q: Can the LEA User Access Administrator Role update name and/or email changes?

A: No; if any users need to change names or email addresses (including domain changes impacting all users in the organization), this will need to be done by Grants Management. Users should email [email protected] to request a name and/or email address change.

Q: What if the LEA User Access Administrator(s) of my organization are no longer here?

A: You’ll need to reach out to Grants Management where a User Access Form will need to be completed to assign one user the LEA User Access Administrator Role. This is the only time that Grants Management would assign this role for the organization.

Q: Who should be given the LEA User Access Administrator Role?

A: This is the choice of the organization.

Q: How many users can have the LEA User Access Administrator Role?

A: This is up to the organization, but we recommend at least two users with this role.

For additional assistance please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 602.542.3901, Option 1.

For more information on User Roles and User Access Administration, join us for our webinar on this topic on 10/02/18 at 10am.


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