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Published: July 1st, 2020

FY2021 School Finance Fiscal Operations Updates

  FY2021 School Finance Fiscal Operations Updates   Base Level Amount 15-901 $4,305.73 ($4,359.55 w/1.25% Teacher Compensation 15-952) $155.30/3.74% total increase $72.22/ 1.74% inflation $83.08/ Teacher Salary Increase Additional funding for teacher salary increase distributed through Classroom Site Fund   Transportation Support Level 15-945 1.74% inflation to state support level per route mile (based on [Read more…]

Published: August 16th, 2019

School Finance Friday 8/16/2019 Notes

Payment 2 Hot Topic School Finance posted 2 hot topics this week about the data used as basis for Payment 2. Please see the posts for more detail: AzEDS Reconciliation Training Step 1: Submit Student Data Step 2: Verify Successful Submission using AzEDS Reports Step 3: Verify Student Data Passed Integrity Step 4: [Read more…]

Published: August 15th, 2019

FY20 September 3 Payment ADM Analysis

School Finance has posted a comparison of ADM and SPED data as of 8/13/19 for FY19, FY20, and, where applicable, Estimated Counts for all LEAs. The column marked “Payment 2 Basis for ADM, SPED, and ELL” delineates the source School Finance will use as the basis of payment.

Published: August 9th, 2019

Update to Data Sources for Payment 2, August 13th Deadline

LEAs that are new charters, have new sites or new grade approvals, or are working with new private day schools are having issues reporting data to FY2020 AzEDS. To support those challenges in AzEDS, School Finance intends to mimic the process we used for payment 1. The deadline in AzEDS is still Tuesday, August 13th. [Read more…]

Published: August 7th, 2019

FY2019 Statewide Equalization Recalculation

The FY2019 Statewide Equalization Recalculation has been completed. District: The positive adjustments will be included in the September 1st payment and negative adjustment will be included in the October 1st payment through the APOR64-1 report. Positive adjustments will be included as lump sum adjustments; whereas the negative adjustments will be taken over the entire fiscal year, [Read more…]