Archive — Month: December 2017

Published: December 12th, 2017

December FY 2018 BUDG25 Reports Posted

  The FY 2018 BUDG25 reports have been updated, posted, and are available for download and review. To select a specific district, please click here. The updated BUDG25 report includes: 1. December 1st APOR 55-1 report values 2. Expenditure budget revisions processed through 12/7/2017, and 3. FY 2017 Budget Balance Carry Forward amounts for M&O [Read more…]

Published: December 12th, 2017

FY 2018 1.06% Teacher Salary Increase Allocation and Guidance

  The FY 2018 1.06% Teacher Salary Increase has been included as a base support level adjustment on page 4 of the December APOR 55-1. The spreadsheet linked below compares 2017 actual AFR teacher salaries paid to budgeted amounts on page 2 of the FY 2018 Expenditure Budget on lines 3 and 4. It should [Read more…]

Published: December 8th, 2017

FY 2017 BUDG75 Reports Have Been Published

  The FY 2017 BUDG75 Reports have been published to the School Finance website and are available for download and review. The BUDG75 report reflects the 2017 statewide recalculation and any FY 2017 budget or AFR file submissions successfully processed into the system as of November 30, 2017. Districts that were current year funded in FY [Read more…]

Published: December 1st, 2017

School Finance November Memos

The School Finance November Updates memo 18-027 has been posted. Please choose FY2018 in the Memos menu or follow the link: