AzEDS Integrity: Grade Level not offered at this School

Published: March 3rd, 2017

Due to the increased occurrence of integrity error -10008, School Finance has decided to temporarily amend the process for making changes for grade levels served at individual schools.

There is a difference between grade checks for memberships in AzEDS in comparison to SAIS. For the integrity error “-10008: Grade Level Code not offered at this School”, SAIS Integrity would check the grade levels approved at the District level.  With the conversion to AZEDS, Integrity was redesigned to check the grade levels offered at the School level.

To help with the change in methodologies for FY2017, School Finance has decided to allow a signed letter from the superintendent on district letterhead in place of the Governing Board minutes. For FY2018 and forward, the Governing Board minutes will be required for grade changes. For change requests any year, please include an Entity Profile form.

Please find the Entity Profile Form in the Forms tab on the School Finance website and here.