Payment 3 for Fiscal Year 2017

Published: September 13th, 2016

We are excited to share that more than 80 districts and charter districts have successfully submitted FY 2017 student data and generated ADM and SPED ADM that appear to be accurate enough for funding purposes.

While so many districts are doing so well, many are still working toward and approaching the same level of success. It has been decided to allow more time for those working so hard.

We are continuously working towards the best course for consistent payments based on ADM for all LEAs. School Finance is committed to making sure payments are as accurate as possible as we go through this transition.

For Payment 3, charter districts will be paid on Charter Estimated Count, and districts will be paid using FY 2016 100th day ADM. There are a few districts already working with School Finance because of 2016 data issues. Those districts’ 3rd payment will mimic their 2nd payment for 2017. School Finance has opened the Charter Estimated Counts application until Wednesday, September 14th. (Please see School Finance Memo 16-056, for instructions on how to use the application.)