School Finance Friday 7/8/2016 Notes

Published: July 11th, 2016

School Finance (602-542-5695) can help you with:

Data issues; SDER/TEI; Transportation Route Reports/Vehicle Inventory; Budgets; ADM reports; CHAR and APOR reports; Payments; 915s

Watch our website for upcoming webinars, trainings and guidance.

602-364-2095 Kristin Bumford

602-542-7885 James Heck

602-542-8797 Barbara Michlin

602-542-8243 Monica Paz

To add topics to our weekly agenda, request trainings, or request guests: contact your Account Analyst.

Splits and Merges

Splits and merges will be easier in 2017, but for FY16 not every ticket will be processed.

Options to get data into SAIS for FY16

  1. AzEDS and your data goes over the Bridge
  2. SAIS Online
    • Great option for smaller schools
    • Need to request access from School Finance
  3. SDDI & vendor participation
    • Coordinate with your vendor

Plan for your 2017 data

The sooner you finish the FY16 set, the sooner you, your IT team, and your SIS vendor can prepare your system to upload FY17 data to AzEDS

AzEDS was opened for FY17 submissions on 7/1! If  you already submitted, you can see ADM in AzEDS for FY17.

SAIS will not be open for FY17 data, therefore the Bridge to SAIS will be unnecessary.

Please read the following message from Mark Masterson Please read the following messages from Mark Masterson: There was another message to vendors directly from IT explaining how to set up for FY 2017.

AOIs and summer withdrawals

  • AOIs aren’t required to submit summer withdrawals for students who don’t return at the beginning of the year.
    • If any of those summer withdrawn students return later in the year, the summer withdrawal can cause SAIS Integrity errors.
    • SAIS Online is “smart” and doesn’t allow an AOI to edit summer withdrawals.
    • SDDI allows summer withdrawal transactions for AOIs.
  • If your AOI has any summer withdrawals in SAIS, please expect an email from School Finance on Tuesday 7/5/2016.

SAIS processing on FY 2016 data

There will be one Aggregation run before 7/29 to help you reconcile to an SDADMS75-1.

SAIS Integrity kicked off 7/4, it made it about halfway through by Friday.


There have been a number of questions about EX-1. The most recent version goes into detail on Chronic Illness. The other biggest question is about the 10 consecutive absences that lead to a W4/5, these should be submitted to ADE.