School Finance Friday 7/1/2016 Notes – no webinar

Published: July 1st, 2016

School Finance (602-542-5695) can help you with:

Data issues; SDER/TEI; Transportation Route Reports/Vehicle Inventory; Budgets; ADM reports; CHAR and APOR reports; Payments; 915s

Watch our website for upcoming webinars, trainings and guidance.

602-364-2095 Kristin Bumford

602-542-7885 James Heck

602-542-8797 Barbara Michlin

602-542-8243 Monica Paz

To add topics to our weekly agenda, request trainings, or request guests: contact your Account Analyst.

Options to get data into SAIS

  1. AzEDS and your data goes over the Bridge
  2. SAIS Online
    • Great option for smaller schools
    • Need to request access from School Finance
  3. SDDI & vendor participation
    • Coordinate with your vendor

Plan for your 2017 data

Please read the following messages from Mark Masterson:

There was another message to vendors directly from IT explaining how to set up for FY 2017.

AOIs and summer withdrawals in SAIS

  • AOIs aren’t required to submit summer withdrawals for students who don’t return at the beginning of the year.
    • If any of those summer withdrawn students return later in the year, the summer withdrawal can cause SAIS Integrity errors.
    • SAIS Online is “smart” and doesn’t allow an AOI to edit summer withdrawals.
    • SDDI allows summer withdrawal transactions for AOIs.
  • If your AOI has any summer withdrawals in SAIS, please expect an email from School Finance on Tuesday 7/5/2016.

Reconciling FY 2016 data in SAIS

We’re planning one more Aggregation before the 7/29/2016 SAIS deadline to help reconciliation. SAIS Integrity is scheduled to kick off at 5p.m. on 7/4/2016.

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