Archive — Month: April 2015

Published: April 28th, 2015

FY 2015 May BUDG25 Reports Have Been Posted

The FY 2015 BUDG25 reports have been updated and posted. The budget report includes values from the May 2015 APOR and any FY 2015 budget revisions successfully uploaded and processed as of April 24th. To download and review a specific district selection, please follow this link: Please email any budget-related questions or concerns to [email protected] Thank you.

Published: April 14th, 2015

SAIS Limiting Reconciliation

In regards to the SAIS Limiting issues that were addressed in School Finance Memo 15-044, the ADE has partnered with the ASCUS group to publish a recommended ADM data verification methodology.  Because SAIS limiting does not always function correctly school districts and charter schools may not receive correct funding.  LEA’s should review enrollments across the [Read more…]

Published: April 14th, 2015

April Monthly Processing Complete and ADMS40 Series Reports Available

April’s monthly processing that began on April 3, 2015 completed on April 13th.   Updated 75-1 reports (ADM, SPED and ELL) are available through SDDI or Student Detail Reports, both available through Common Logon.  Also, the ADMS40 series reports (including the 46-1) and the SPED28-1 and ELLS28-1 reports are available here. For charters, these new 40 series and SPED/ELL [Read more…]