May Aggregation Begins May 6th – Get data in today by 5pm

Published: May 5th, 2014
May’s monthly processing begins on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 and will include data submitted to SAIS through 5pm on Monday, May 5.  For those LEAs whose schools have all reached 100th day by May 5, 2014, 100th day ADM will be calculated and available by May 16, 2014.  Otherwise, 40th day ADM will be available on this date. Please check the IT Bulletin Board for updates stating the data has completed processing.  Only at that time can you check your ADMS, SPED and ELL 75 reports and expect to see complete ADM results.
For charters, the ADMS40 series reports generated this month will be the basis for your June 2, 2014 state aid disbursement.
Please keep in mind that, as reported previously, the date in which your LEA is eligible for your 40th day and 100th day ADM to be calculated has changed this year.  It is now on the day in which all of the schools within the LEA have reached the 40th day (or 100th day) of school and is subject to the aggregation processing schedule.  Please see this HOT TOPICS posting for more information.
Questions?  Your account analyst will be happy to answer them.