40th and 100th Day Aggregation: Removal of “+13 days” – UPDATED

Published: September 9th, 2013

Beginning this year, aggregation will no longer wait for 13 days past * an LEA’s 40th day in order to calculate 40th day ADM.   A district/charter holder will be eligible for aggregation processing and the generation of 40th day ADM on the date in which all schools within the district/charter have reached 40th day.  This is, of course, dependent on the aggregation processing schedule, which identifies the dates in which ADE will process all eligible SAIS data through aggregation. 

This applies to 100th day ADM as well.

CLARIFICATION: If the date in which an LEA is eligible for 40th or 100th day is on or prior to the Data Submission Deadline documented within the aggregation processing schedule link above, all students within the LEA will be processed through aggregation, and if they qualify for ADM, they will generate it. 

SCENARIO:Let’s walk through how this might impact your district/charter holder (LEA).  For example:

Scenario:  All schools within your LEA will have reached the 40th day of school on September 30, 2013. The next aggregation processing is scheduled for October 1, 2013, with the submission deadline falling on September 30.

Outcome:  Your LEA is eligible to have 40th day aggregation processed on September 30, 2013, therefore, since aggregation begins on October 1, at the end of the aggregation processing cycle, your LEA will have 40th day ADM.  The impact to a charter is that as soon as 40th day ADM is generated for your charter holder, your state funding will switch from being based on estimated counts to actual 40th day ADM.  In this case, your November 1 state aid disbursement would be based on the 40th day data that originates from SAIS. 

* This requirement became obsolete with the repeal of ARS§ 15-902(I).

( Red text added 9/23/2013)