Certification Updates – August 2018

Published: August 22nd, 2018

Standard Professional Teaching Certificates

Arizona Certification rules allow applicants who have two years of full-time teaching experience and specified teacher education coursework to meet the teacher preparation requirements for a Standard Professional Teaching Certificate.  New requirements to qualify under this option took effect on August 1, 2018.  These changes will not impact individuals who are qualifying with completion of an approved teacher preparation program or through Certification Reciprocity.  Please refer candidates to the requirements for further information.

Waiver of Capstone Experience/Practicum with Long-Term Substitute Experience

Arizona House Bill 2036 requires the Board to “allow substitute teachers who can demonstrate primary teaching responsibility in a classroom as defined by the State Board of education to use the time spent in that classroom toward the required capstone experience for standard teaching certification.”  In response to this new legislation, the Department will use substitute teaching experience toward the waiver of a capstone experience or practicum if the substitute teacher had full responsibility for the planning and delivery of instruction and evaluation of student learning.   However, substitute teaching experience will not be accepted toward the waiver of Arizona educator exam requirements.

Please use the  Verification of Teaching Experience form when verifying an employee’s experience either as a contracted teacher or substitute teacher with primary teaching responsibility.  To ensure the authenticity of the verification of teaching experience, we will now require that the completed form be scanned and emailed directly from the district or charter school to the Certification Inbox at  [email protected].

Teaching Intern Certificates

The Teaching Intern Certificate is now called the Alternative Teaching Certificate.  Additionally, effective October 1, 2018, the Department will only specify a certification area on an Alternative Teaching certificate if the applicant has passed the subject knowledge exam, or qualifies for a waiver of the exam requirement, that aligns to the Standard Professional Teaching Certificate the applicant is pursuing.  Applicants may still qualify for an Alternative Teaching certificate without a designated certification area if they have a Bachelor’s degree and are enrolled in an Arizona Board approved educator preparation program.

New Requirement for the Subject Matter Expert Standard Teaching, Grades 6-12 Certificate

House Bill 2534 requires all applicants for the Subject Matter Expert Standard Teaching, Grades 6-12 Certificate to have a Bachelor’s degree.  Previous requirements for the certificate allowed individuals to qualify without a Bachelor’s degree if they had five years of relevant work experience in the subject area of certification.   For further information on the Subject Matter Expert Standard Certificate, please review the requirement information.

New Requirements for the Standard Adult Education Certificate

Pursuant to House Bill 2534, the Standard Adult Education Certificate now requires a Bachelor’s degree.  Applicants will no longer have the option to use experience as a teacher, tutor, or aide in an adult education program or in grades K-12 in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree.

Proposed Changes to the Standard Foreign Teaching Certificate Rule

House Bill 2253 removes the two-year limitation on the employment of foreign teachers who are participating in a teacher exchange program and working under a J-1 or Q-1 visa.  In response to this new legislation, the Board opened rule making on the following changes to the Standard Foreign Teaching Certificate:

  • The name of the certificate will be changed to International Teaching Certificate.
  • The International Teaching Certificate will be issued to the length of the certificate holder’s J-1 or Q-1 visa, and may be extended if the J-1 or Q-1 visa is extended.
  • The English proficiency examination requirement will be removed.

We will provide an update on the International Teaching Certificate after the Board determines if the proposed rules will be adopted.

You may contact the Certification office at (602) 542-4367 or email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the recent rule changes.